Saturday, February 25, 2017

My "Teacher Jboy" blog was removed

A few weeks ago, I created a blog named

It already has a Google+ Page and a Facebook Page (I renamed it back to

As you can see from that About page, I really wanted to become a teacher :D

But when I opened it today Blogger says that it was removed.

So I tried to login to my google account for that blog. There was a message that says about invalid activity(?). After entering my password it asked for my phone number to verify my account. So I entered my phone number, entered the verification code, and I was able to login.

My posts are still in my Blogger dashboard.

There are only three posts. So what I did is copy those three posts here in this blog.

So sad. :(

I have to accept that I'm not destined to be a teacher. :(

But... happy coding still!! :)

UPDATE (after an hour I think, when I tried to refresh again the tab on my browser where I opened

My "Teacher Jboy" is back!!!

I do not know what happened!

But my profile is not showing on the page.

And it has this "Using Blogger as Unknown" on the dashboard.

I tried to google on how to solve this problem.

I found this.
  1. Login to
  2. Choose the desired blog from your Blogger dashboard
  3. Go to Settings > User Settings > General > User Profile
  4. Check if Blogger is selected. (You can either change this to your Blogger profile or your Google+ profile)
  5. Click on Save Settings

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