Monday, August 8, 2016

I'm reviewing data structures and come graph algorithms using Stanford's CS106X

A few weeks ago, I wanted to be able to solve some problems on UVA Online Judge that requires some knowledge of graph algorithms. So I thought of trying to do again the assignments for Stanford's CS106B that I did last 2011.

The problem was that the assignment files that I have requires Visual Studio 2005. I tried to find ways to make it work on VS 2015 but I failed.

So I went to the latest CS106B website to download their latest assignment files (maybe they are using Visual Studio 2015 now?).

... Toinks! I needed to login to download the files. But I'm not a Stanford student! So I was not able to download the files.

Luckily, I found the latest website of CS106X and the files are downloadable. I thought to myself that the problems for CS106X might be more difficult than CS106B's but I think I can be able to do this now because I already experienced solving problems similar to these before.

The handout on the Course Information says that uploading my code to GitHub is a violation to the Honor Code...

The following four activities are among the many considered to be Honor Code violations in this course:
1. Looking at another student's code.
2. Showing another student your code, or making your code public so that it's searchable and easily discovered online or elsewhere.
3. Discussing assignments in such detail that you duplicate a portion of someone else's code in your own program.
4. Uploading your code to a public repository (e.g. or so that others can easily discover it via word of mouth or search engines. If you'd like to upload your code to a private repository, you can do so on bitbucket or some other hosting service that provides free-of-charge private hosting.

... so I'm not going to put my code on GitHub or anywhere where anyone can download it. (I placed my solutions online last 2011 when I did CS106B but I already removed them.)

What I'm going to do instead is to put screenshots and the finished executable files of my solutions online just to give proof that I solved the exercises.

You can see the screenshots and executable files of my solutions on my GitHub.

Here is the screenshot of the first problem that I did:

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